You Wanna Get Fast? Follow These Steps for Success

You Wanna Get Fast?

Follow These Steps for Success

By Dr. Rick Kattouf II


1.    Get lean: Reducing body fat % and getting lean is the primary focus. All to often, individuals looking to get faster, overlook this ever-so-important step. What typically happens is the overweight individual goes to the track and tries to run as fast as possible; thinking this will get them faster. But this is much like trying to build the roof of the house before building a rock-solid foundation. In order to get lean and transform the body, what needs to happen? There are 2 key elements: Nutrition & Strength Training.


2.    Eat Right: Eating right does not mean focusing on eating healthy. Sure, eating healthy is important. But, if one is eating healthy, that does not mean they are eating right. Eating right will ensure you are both eating right and eating healthy. Eating right involves 3 key components: fueling frequency, fueling timing and the right balance of carbohydrate-protein-fat at every meal/snack. When it comes to fueling frequency & timing, let’s keep it simple; fuel the body immediately upon awakening and every 2.5-3.5 hours thereafter all throughout the day. Combine this with the proper C-P-F balance at every meal/snack (50% Carbohydrate-25% Protein-25% Fat) and results are yours!


3.    Chew on Iron: Let’s get in that weight room and chew on iron and move some weight around. If you want to get lean, if you want to get fast, is you want to take your body composition and overall fitness to levels never before imagined, get in that weight room and let’s train. Always keep in mind, in order to get lean, we need to burn body fat. And the only way to burn body fat is to build muscle; and this is what strength training will assist with. Make strength training a focus every week, 4-6 days/week, and in time, you’ll notice results you’ve never experienced before. Need some great strength training workouts? Look no further than the LEANDOWN FITNESS® virtual gym,


4.    Work-to-Rest ratio: There are workouts where you want to crank up that heart rate and really get after it and there are workouts where you want to keep the HR on the floor. It’s imperative to balance the work-to-rest ratio. All too often, individuals want to race themselves (or others) every time they workout. And the reality is this; these individuals are not training for success. Rather, they are working out for that next social media post. These individuals talk a big game and they use terms like ‘tempo run’, ‘recovery run’, etc. But this is just verbiage because the numbers do not add up. For example, an individual has a 5k race pace of 8:00/mile. And then their social media posts will look something like this; ‘10-mile Tempo run at 8:00/mile’ and then, ‘6-mile recovery run at 8:00/mile.’ Wait, what? Your race pace, tempo pace and recovery pace are all the same? Really? Well, physiologically, that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. What is going on here? There are 2 factors at play here; the first is that this individual has zero understanding of human physiology and what ‘tempo’ and ‘recovery’ actually mean. And 2nd, this individual cannot check their athletic ego at the door, run a 10:00/mile pace for their recovery run and post this on social media. In summary, the question is this…are you training for success or working out for your next social media post?


5.    Cardiac Efficiency: Building cardiac efficiency is one of the biggest keys to success when building speed. But, much like the above, to build a massive amount of cardiac efficiency, we must check the athletic ego at the door. It’s as simple as this; the faster we can run in our lower HR (heart rate) zones, the faster we can run at the higher/race pace HR zones. Let’s say an individual’s HR Zone 1 pace is 9:00/mile. This means their HR Zone 4 pace can only be so fast, make sense? Now, what if this individual chooses to check their athletic ego at the door, follows the above steps and gets their HR Zone 1 pace down to 7:30/mile, whoa! Do you see what just happened here? Their cardiac efficiency just went thru the roof. And let’s say their HR Zone 1 is 130-140bpm. At this HR zone, they were running 9:00/mile. Now, at the exact same HR zone, they are running 7:30/mile, unreal! That’s cardiac efficiency 101 right there. Now just imagine how much faster HR Zone 4 is now and imagine how much faster this individual is now.


6.    Sleep/Repair/Recover: Let’s keep it simple…recover better and you will perform better, period. I always use the following saying, ‘I know an athlete has arrived when they embrace the sleep/repair/recovery as much as they embrace the workouts and hard training.’ Make sleep/repair/recovery a primary focus and your performance will skyrocket!


7.    Add Horsepower: Let’s add some horsepower. How do we do that? We do this by adding the right nutrition supplements. 3 key areas to focus on is the Before-During-After workouts and training. Taking the right pre-workout supplements like 5-Round Fury® and/or FerociFire Xtreme® will help to support power, strength, endurance, lean muscle, Nitric Oxide levels and more! During your workout, we want to be sure your body is staying properly fueled and this is where HydraWin®. HydraWin® will help to assist in electrolyte balance, Nitric Oxide levels, Endurance & more! And as mentioned above, when we recover better, we can perform better. Let’s close out each workout with Athletes Aminos 2. Athletes Aminos 2 will help to assist in muscle building and recovery. Supplements are much like adding horsepower to a car. If we want to increase a cars horsepower, we can add an exhaust, add a cold air intake, add a tune, etc. All of these things individually are good and will add some HP. But, putting them all together will provide the most HP gains and supplements work the same way.


If you are ready to get fast and take your overall fitness and body composition to the highest possible level, follow the steps above!





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Rick Kattouf II, O.D. is a 2x Best-Selling Author and Fitness & Nutrition expert and has been named one of America’s PremierExperts® and one of the World Fitness Elite® Trainers of the Year. Rick is a Sports Nutrition Specialist, Heart Rate Performance Specialist, Master Personal Trainer & Triathlon Coach. He has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox affiliates around the country as well as in the USA Today, Chicago Tribune, National Examiner,, My Fitness Pal,, Runner’s World, Bicycling Magazine, Men’s Health UK, FIGHT! Magazine, Florida Cycling Magazine and The Independent in the UK. Rick is the CEO/Founder of TeamKattouf® Inc, CEO/Founder of TeamKattouf® Nutrition LLC, CEO/Founder of Virtual Gym LLC, Creator of TeamKattouf® Nutrition Supplements, Host of Rx Nutrition, author of Forever Fit, Creator of 5-Round Fury® Nutrition Supplement, 5-Round Fury Fitness® workout app, Creator of Coach2CEO, Creator of Fuel Keeper®, Entrepreneur and Inspirational Speaker. Dr. Rick has personally coached individuals in 30+ states and 10+ countries.

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