Traveling & The Holidays: It’s So Hard To Eat Right. Really? Why?

Traveling & The Holidays: It’s So Hard To Eat Right. Really? Why?

By Dr. Rick Kattouf II


If you have heard this (or even said this once) you have probably heard it (or said it) 1000 times, "eating right while traveling is so difficult!" And/or, “eating right during the holidays is so difficult!” If this is your mindset and if this is the verbiage that you have used in the past or currently use, c'mon now, it's time to pump the brakes and put a stop to this. This makes no sense (you just believe it to be true and therefore, this has become your reality). Honestly, why is it any more difficult to eat right while traveling or during the holidays? It's not, individuals just think and believe that it is and therefore, that becomes their truth and their reality.


 Here's a simple example. Take anyone that is super lean, super fit, and super healthy and has been for their entire life (and not because they are lucky; it’s because of the choices they make). This person travels as much if not even more than other individuals. They are not whining and complaining about nutrition and travel. Why is it any different for them than it is for you? Let’s take a page out of the book, The Power, ‘No Whining, No Complaining, No Excuses.’


It's the same belief and mindset when it comes to the holidays. How many times do you hear individuals whine and complain about how hard it is to eat right during the holidays? And just like with traveling, those that are super lean, super fit and super healthy also have the same holiday activities. They go to the same family functions and holiday parties you go to. They are presented with the same foods and beverages that you are presented with. These individuals are not gorging themselves, derailing themselves, derailing their fitness and body composition during the holidays; not even close. So, it's not any harder to eat right while traveling and/or during the holidays; it's just a mindset and a belief and a limiting belief at that.


It’s All About Choices

I was traveling and sitting at the airport, waiting to board my flight. While sitting at the gate, the two individuals across from me were overweight as was the individual sitting to my left. The two individuals sitting across from me both broke out a candy bar (king-size bar of course). The individual to my left busted into a bag of chips. Now, they could have just as easily chosen the turkey sandwich on wheat bread (with lettuce & tomato), which was available at the restaurant right next to the gate. Point being is this; it's not challenging to eat right while traveling. It simply comes down to our choices. The overweight individuals easily could have made a different choice and gone with the turkey sandwich on wheat bread. It was their choice to go with the king-size candy bars and the chips. But at the same time, these are the same individuals that are always complaining about how challenging it is to eat right while traveling.


So, those that are overweight are the ones complaining about how challenging it is to eat right while traveling. While the super lean and super fit is neither complaining nor challenged by travel and nutrition, very interesting.


Time to Change the Belief

If you are one of those individuals that has been caught in this spider web and feel as if you are challenged by your nutrition while traveling and/or the holidays, no worries; let's make today the first day that we break out of and break through this mindset. The mind and body work together. As long as individuals feels that eating right is challenging during travel, then they are right. Henry Ford said it best, "Whether you think you can or when you think you cannot, either way, you are right." Be sure to read that quote a few more times, it is super-powerful.


 Are you ready to think different? Are you ready to change your beliefs in order to change the results? If so, almost in a flash, your nutrition and travel/holiday struggles can become a thing of the past and no longer a challenge. You just have to change the thoughts and change the limiting beliefs that you have about travel/holidays and nutrition. The next time you travel, go into it with a completely different mindset. Because when you do, positive changes will start to occur. It will help you go from the world of "unconscious eating" (this is where you just, unconsciously, purchase that king-size candy bar, bag of chips, etc., in the airport, on the road, etc.) into the world of "conscious eating." (This is where you step back, and put some thought into how you choose to fuel your body)


 If eating right while traveling truly were difficult, then no one would be super lean and super fit. But there are individuals of course that our super lean and super fit and travel a ton. And this proof that there is no truth to this, rather, it's just a limiting belief that we hold on to. And as a result, we act in accordance to what we believe to be true. If you are ready to make your nutrition while traveling as easy as it is when you're home, today's your day to make the change. And then, you want to extend this mindset into the holidays and New Year as well. Break the chain today and break away from the belief that eating right while traveling is difficult. And when you do, get ready for exciting and positive changes to happen.




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