The Ultimate Meal Plan!

The Ultimate Meal Plan!

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The Ultimate Meal Plan is designed from the principles of, CPF HIGH-OCTANE NUTRITION™, developed by Sports Nutrition Specialist, Master Personal Trainer, Certified Triathlon Coach and Heart Rate Performance Specialist, Dr. Rick Kattouf II. We want to help assist you so that you can, Avoid The Diet Disaster, Start Eating Right™!

Diets don't work; they never have, they never will. What is a DIET? It's a Disaster Imminent Every Time®. Toss the DIET aside and let TeamKattouf® assist you in eating right and achieving meaningful and sustainable results for a lifetime. 

Whether you are looking to improve as an athlete, transform your physique or improve your overall health & fitness, The Ultimate Meal Plan is for you!

The Ultimate Meal Plan is amazing as it will provide you with multiple options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, pre-workout fuel and More! Having 6 different meal/snack options for each, it puts you in full control of your nutrition. You choose the meal/snack and you will be sure that your body is properly fueled for success!

Each meal is properly balanced with the right amount of carbohydrate, protein & fat. Each meal/snack on The Ultimate Meal Plan has the following parameters listed: Calories, Carbohydrate %, Protein % & Fat %. 

And, not only will The Ultimate Meal Plan keep your body properly fueled, but we help you customize the plan so that it best fits your needs, goals, workout schedule, etc. So that we can best assist you with The Ultimate Meal Plan, please provide us with the following information in the 'Comments' section when you place your order:
*Body Fat%
*How many days/wk you exercise/train
*Time you wake up
*Time you go to bed
*Time of day your workout
*Your Goals (ie: Body Transformation, Improve athletic performance, etc.)

The Ultimate Meal Plan will be delivered to you in a password protected email and it will contain details of each meal/snack as well as a grocery shopping list.

**If you have any questions on the advisability of this meal plan, nutrition supplements, etc., be sure to consult with your physician**

The Ultimate Meal Plan does not include ongoing coaching and communication. If you are interested in ongoing nutrition coaching and communication, please contact us at 

 These meal plans were designed by Sports Nutrition Specialist and Heart Rate Performance Specialist, Dr. Rick Kattouf II (2x Best-Selling Author, Named One Of America's PremierExperts® in Fitness & Nutrition and Named One Of The World Fitness Elite® Trainers Of The Year). 

NOTE: Discounts codes only apply to nutrition supplements and do not apply to Books, CD's, DVD's, Meal Plan, Training Plans & Fuel Keeper
5 Stars
Love the plan so far! Just started last week. Love that every thing is broken down to correct timing, portion size, and planned just for me. The foods on the list are easy to find and delicious. I was looking for a nutrition plan that wasnt a fad diet and would keep me on a healthy lifestyle. Highly recommend!
Reviewed by:  from Travelers rest. on 9/12/2018
5 Stars
I am very happy with the meal plan! My goal is to have 10% body fat by March, 2019 (for my 40th birthday). Before following the meal plan, I was between 15-16% body fat. I am currently at about 11.5%. I have found that the last few percentage points are much more challenging to shave off, which I think is to be expected. Thanks for the sound counsel! Now, I need to buy new jeans.
Reviewed by:  from Charlotte, NC. on 6/4/2018
5 Stars
Company Manager
The Plan Works! I have been with Team Kattouf for about 4 years following the Triathlon/Multi Sport Fitness Program. When it came to my nutrition I was on my own, but really never had any success and became frustrating with no results. After talking to Rick about my frustration he said to look at "The Ultimate Meal Plan". So 3 weeks ago on jump on board with the Plan. Results after ONLY 3 weeks 2.5% BF loss 3% Water % increase 7 lbs Lost It Works!!
Reviewed by:  from Columbia S.C.. on 8/14/2017
5 Stars
Certified personal trainer
Fantastic nutritional breakdown pairing.
Reviewed by:  from McLean. on 6/16/2017
5 Stars
I'm 51 years old with a very active and athletic background. I started running about a year ago which dramatically morphed into training for an Ironman. Due to my fast paced life style, training twice a day which starts at 4:45 am on swim days, I found it difficult to eat properly. Being in sales I would always postpone eating if I got very busy. Once I got deep into training for the Ironman I would frequently "hit a wall" on long runs and cycling. I'm talking about loosing peripheral vision and strong tingling in my fingers. I would also get very tired during my early morning swims to the point I couldn't swim 400 meters without struggling. I finally reached out to Rick and he developed a specific meal plan customized to my training days. This past Sunday I ran 18 after being in his meal plan for two weeks . Let me tell you, it was amazing ! I stayed strong the entire run as well as recovered faster than ever before. Ricks meal plan and supplements have also enabled me to swim 1 mile and feel just a fresh afterwards as I did on my first 25 meters. It has also helped me maintain muscle growth instead of muscle loss. The meal plan is tailored to your training regiment and best of all it's great food, simple to implement into your life and very economical . I wish I would have reached out to him months ago. Who knows where I would be now in my training. Rick's program is spot on. I still can't believe the positive impact across the board I am seeing in such a short time. Jimmy Moffitt
Reviewed by:  from Greenville,SC. on 2/2/2017

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