1. TeamKattouf® Running Plan (12-Weeks)

TeamKattouf® Running Plan (12-Weeks)

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12-week running plan
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Whether you are training for a 1-mile race, 5k, ultra marathon or something in between, we have the training plan for you. These pre-built 12-week running plans were designed by World Champion, National Champion & Elite athletes. The training plans will be loaded into a Basic Training Peaks account for you to start utilizing right away. Depending on your needs and goals, we will be sure to set you up with the right training program. If you are looking for a training plan longer than 12 weeks, we've got you covered. Just increase the quantity in your shopping cart. For example, if you want a 24-week training plan, put quantity 2. If you want a 36-week training plan, put quantity 3 and so on. 

These pre-built running plans will have a great mix of running, cross training and strength training workouts. These plans will help to provide you with an ideal work-to-rest ratio, thereby helping to assist in maximizing performance and recovery. In addition to the great workouts, this training plan will also contain information regarding the ideal fuel/supplements for before, during and after your workouts/races; helping to assist you in maximizing performance & recovery!

Your strength training workouts will be provided for you in the virtual gym LEANDOWN FITNESS®. You can access these strength workouts from the web or app. Your strength workouts will be emailed to you daily as well as posted within the virtual gym itself. You will be able to log your strength workouts, track your progress, get on the Leaderboard and much more! And it is only $10/month or $100/year to join LEANDOWN FITNESS®! For more information visit http://www.leandownfitness.com. And, as a thank you for purchasing this 12-week running plan, you will receive a 30% off coupon code to join LEANDOWN FITNESS®, bringing the fee to only $7/month or $70/year!

Whether your goals are to complete a bucket list goal, Qualify for the Boston Marathon, become a World Champion and/or to get into the best shape of your life, the TeamKattouf® Running Plan can help assist you in reaching your goals!

NOTE: When you place your order, be sure to contact us through this site and provide us with the following information:
*Body Fat%
*How many days/wk you exercise/train
*What you are training for?
*Goal time(s) for upcoming races

**This is a pre-built training plan and not a customized training plan. These pre-built plans do not include ongoing coaching, communication, Q&A, etc. If you are looking for a customized training and/or coaching program, visit http://www.teamkattouf.com**

NOTE: Discounts codes only apply to nutrition supplements and do not apply to Books, CD's, DVD's, Meal Plan, Training Plans & Fuel Keeper


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