Next Level Performance: The Benefits of Nitric Oxide

Next Level Performance

The Benefits of Nitric Oxide

By Dr. Rick Kattouf II


Most individuals want to be leaner, have more energy, perform better and recover better. And one of the more common questions I receive is, ‘Rick, what’s a good fat burner?’ A great question for sure since burning fat is a goal of most individuals. The short answer, in terms of some type of fat burning pill/supplement, is that there is not one. Just imagine, if that truly existed (a pill/supplement to burn fat), no one on the planet would be overweight. So, while there is no pill per se that will directly burn fat, there are many things we can do to turn ourselves into a fat burning machine.


So, what will help to assist in burning fat? The answer is muscle; we need to build muscle and when we do, we significantly increase our body’s ability to shed fat. Strength training workouts like LEANDOWN FITNESS® will help to assist in building muscle. And in addition, eating right and fueling the body right is going to be a huge assist in the muscle building/fat burning process. Is there anything else we can do to ignite this process? And the answer is, absolutely!


Nitric Oxide plays an important role in many functions in the body regulating vasodilatation, blood flow, mitochondrial respiration and platelet function.


As we continue to fuel the body properly, we want to maximize each workout. How can we maximize each workout, increase the body’s ability to build muscle, increase the body’s ability to burn fat and increase the body’s ability to recover even faster? (expedited recovery is a big key to success. The faster we recover; the more productive the next day’s workout will be and this leads to the positive compound effect of working out). It all comes down to the right nutrition supplementation.


L-Citrulline is an amino acid that is converted into the amino acid, L-Arginine in the kidneys. And this is what makes L-Citrulline that much more effective than just L-Arginine alone. This leads to increases in Nitric Oxide (NO) and creates vasodilation (blood vessels dilate). OK, so how does this help you burn fat? Great question; when we create vasodilation, we increase blood flow. When we increase blood flow, we increase nutrient delivery to the muscles. In addition, supplementation with L-Citrulline & L-Arginine help to assist in increasing ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate); just think of this as increased energy delivery to the muscles.


An increase in NO (Nitric Oxide) will cause vasodilation, and then the downstream effect of vasodilation would be this massive increase in blood flow, which helps to assist in exercise performance and enhanced recovery


Let’s put this together and sum it up. By taking the right supplements, this can help to assist in reducing muscle fatigue and help to assist in increasing energy for both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. In short, this will help to assist in enabling us, during each workout, to go longer, harder, more reps…before experiencing fatigue. It is this ability to increase the productivity of each workout, that over time, will help to assist in building more muscle, leading to greater body fat loss and improvement in performance & recovery.


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Are you ready to ignite your workouts? Are you ready to take your workouts to the next level? Let’s make it happen! Here we go, 2019, it’s on!


Questions on the right nutrition supplements for your needs and goals? Feel free to call/email/text anytime (864-382-8486, [email protected], Skype @coachkattouf).




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Rick Kattouf II, O.D. is a 2x Best-Selling Author and Fitness & Nutrition expert and has been named one of America’s PremierExperts® and one of the World Fitness Elite® Trainers of the Year. Rick is a Sports Nutrition Specialist, Heart Rate Performance Specialist, Master Personal Trainer & Triathlon Coach. He has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox affiliates around the country as well as in the USA Today, Chicago Tribune, National Examiner,,, Runner’s World, Bicycling Magazine, Men’s Health UK, FIGHT! Magazine, Florida Cycling Magazine and The Independent in the UK. Rick is the CEO/Founder of TeamKattouf® Inc, CEO/Founder of TeamKattouf® Nutrition LLC, CEO/Founder of Virtual Gym LLC, Creator of TeamKattouf® Nutrition Supplements, Host of Rx Nutrition, author of Forever Fit, Creator of 5-Round Fury® Nutrition Supplement, 5-Round Fury Fitness® workout app, Creator of Coach2CEO, Creator of Fuel Keeper®, Entrepreneur and Inspirational Speaker. Dr. Rick has personally coached individuals in 30+ states and 10+ countries.

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