Fuel Keeper®

Fuel Keeper®

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Fuel Keeper® (patent pending) is a 5" moisture wicking arm sweat band that securely holds 2 energy gels. Fuel Keeper® is the ultimate hands-free way for runners, triathletes & all athletes to carry their energy gels. Depending on the size of your arm, Fuel Keeper® can be work on the wrist, forearm or upper arm.

Fuel Keeper® is also multi-functional. With this being a 5" arm sweat band, you can also place your license and/or credit card and/or key/key fob under the arm sweat band. For longer workouts and races, wear 1 Fuel Keeper® on each arm; that way, you can be hands-free while carrying 4 energy gels. While working out, training and racing, Fuel Keeper® will remain secure on your arm and your energy gels will not move up and down with every step.

During long, warm weather races, you can take ice from the aid stations and place the ice under the arm sweat band as this will help to keep the body cool. Fuel Keeper® is Made In The USA and is Athlete Designed, Athlete Proven, Athlete Endorsed®

  • Fuel Keeper® (patent pending) is Made In The USA
  • 5" Moisture Wicking Arm Sweat Band
  • Each Fuel KeeperT® securely holds 2 energy gels
  • Ultimate Hands-Free Way for Runners, Triathletes & All Athletes To Carry Their Energy Gels
  • Athlete Designed, Athlete Proven, Athlete Endorsed®
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