Diets: How Quickly They Fade

Diets: How Quickly They Fade

Gluten Free Diet: Remember that one? Where did it go?

by Dr. Rick Kattouf II


**NOTE: We understand gluten intolerance for those with conditions such as Celiac Disease. This article is about the gluten free fad-diet, not those with a serious medical condition like Celiac Disease.

Do you remember how soooo many people jumped on this gluten free fad-diet bandwagon? Wow, it was unreal. It seemed as if overnight, everyone had a problem with gluten (even though 99.99% of the individuals did not even know what gluten was). Well, as with all food fads and diets, the gluten free craze seems to be fading as quickly as it started. Sure, there will be a rogue individual every now and again that will bring it up. But this diet, like all diets and food fads, lost momentum quickly.

According to Stefano Guandalini, MD, president of the North American Society for the Study of Celiac Disease says, Someone who needs to be on a gluten-free diet and is closely monitored can benefit tremendously from it. But for everyone else, embracing this diet makes no sense.”  Dr. Stefano Guandalini also says, "one very real danger of following a gluten-free diet is eating too much fat and too little fiber."

Here is an example how these food fads and diets can so easily draw people in. A number of years ago I talked with a perspective client. It was right after the New Year in early January. This individual was obese and wanted to transform their physique and improve their overall health & fitness. And here is how our conversation went (and over the years, I’ve had nearly this same conversation with numerous individuals):


Client: Rick, you should probably know that I’m gluten intolerant.

Me: Thank you for that information. When were you diagnosed with Celiac Disease?

Client: With what?

Me: Celiac Disease; the serious condition where individuals must adhere strictly to eating gluten-free.

Client: I do not have any disease like that.

Me: So, tell me how you know you are gluten intolerant. I’m assuming your physician has run a number of tests and is monitoring you?

Client: No, I’ve not been to the doctor. I’ve just overeaten so much from Thanksgiving thru New Year’s. I mean, I’ve really overeaten. And overall, I just feel terrible and my stomach feels bad as well. So, I’m sure it’s because of the gluten. I sure I need to start eating gluten-free.


Whoa, wait, what? Seriously? Admittedly, this individual has over-indulged on high fat foods, fried foods, pastries, candy, beer, wine, etc. But they are going to pinpoint it to the gluten? C’mon, Really? Gluten is the problem? I think not. Let’s go back and re-read Dr. Stefano Guandalini’s quotes from above.

It’s always interesting to hear what individuals think their ‘issue’ is. I find it intriguing that individuals never point blame to the wine they drink, the beer they drink, the high fat foods they eat, all the sweets they eat, the excess amount of coffee they drink, etc. These foods and beverages (in their mind) are never the issue. It’s gluten that’s the issue, interesting.

Now, the great news is this. This client came on board TeamKattouf® Coaching & Training and became nothing shy of a superstar. They completely changed their body composition and took their health and fitness to a completely new level. And, once they started to follow the new nutrition plan, they quickly realized that they had ZERO issue with gluten. Gluten was not the issue; overeating was the issue. This individual, as you can imagine, was thrilled to get such great results and realize that gluten was not an issue at all.

Bottom line is this; a DIET is simply a, Disaster Imminent Every Time®. Diets and food fads are just that, fads. And that’s exactly why you want to avoid them (unless of course you want lose weight quickly and then re-gain all [or more) of the weight back). Before you jump on the next diet bandwagon, take a closer look. Because if you are looking to achieve meaningful and sustainable results for a lifetime, the latest diet/food fad will not get you there.



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