Dialing in Your Nutrition: Become Your Own Food Police

Dialing in Your Nutrition: Become Your Own Food Police

By Dr. Rick Kattouf II


You are cruising down the highway, music pumpin’, doing 80 miles per hour in a 65 mph zone. All of a sudden, you see a state patrolman ahead. What do you do? Well, you become a fantastic driver. You turn down the volume, quickly reduce your speed and those hands are tight at 10 & 2. In a matter of a split second, you go from law-breaker to law-abiding citizen.  Without a check and balance system like this, our reckless behavior could quickly become catastrophic.


So, what if every time we went to choose a meal or snack, we first saw that "state patrolman?" Using the state patrolman concept in our everyday lives of nutrition can become a real game changer. Think of it as the food police. Just imagine how good you would be with your nutrition. Just imagine the right food choices you would make. And just imagine the amazing benefits, in time, you would get if you knew that state patrolman was there; every step of the way on your nutrition journey. It would be the same as you slowing down on the highway and grasping the steering wheel at 10 & 2.


This is what I call turning "unconscious eating"… Into "conscious eating." Often times, we are unconscious in our food choices. And then, it's not until afterwards we catch ourselves and say something like, "I feel miserable; why did I eat all of that." This happens because of unconscious eating.


Conscious eating is first seeing that state patrolman on the side of the highway. It makes us step back, pause and make the right choice and decision. It's in that split second where things can start to go backwards, quickly, if we do not have the state patrolman check-and-balance system in place.


Let's say you're at a restaurant and you are ready to order. The unconscious eating choice is to get the burger and fries. But, if you just pause for a split second and notice that the state patrolman is watching, you can quickly turn this into conscious eating. This meal then becomes a grilled chicken sandwich and a side of steamed vegetables. Your body is going to be satisfied either way. But, one choice is going to set you up to keep speeding down the road and eventually get caught by the state patrolman. The other will catapult you toward success.


You are at work and it's time for your snack. The unconscious eating choice is to grab that doughnut (or three) that you've been staring at all morning. All it takes is a split second to take a step back, pause and then make the right choice. You planned ahead and you brought a well-balanced snack with you like the K II Kookie Bar® and the K II Brownie Bar®. This quick shift of going from unconscious eating…into the world of conscious eating will allow you to make the right choice. And imagine how much better you are going to feel after you eat that well-balanced snack. There is no reason to kick yourself and beat yourself up after you eat the doughnut (or three). You do not even need to let it get to this point because you know that the state patrolman is watching and you are going to make the right choice, the conscious eating choice.


It's almost as if individuals are in a complete fog and/or trance-like state when they make their unconscious eating choices. When we can "shake off the cobwebs", let the fog dissipate, we will then be in a better state of mind to make that conscious eating choice. If you are ready to take your nutrition (and fitness) to an entirely new level, implement the ‘state patrolman’ concept every time you go to make a meal and snack choice. When you go to grab for that candy bar, the state patrolman is watching. When you go to order that decadent, 300 calorie cup of coffee, the state patrolman is watching. And, all it takes is a split second to make a choice that will have life-changing benefits. When every meal and snack comes about from conscious eating, lookout; you have just set yourself up for amazing success.




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Rick Kattouf II, O.D. is a 2x Best-Selling Author and Fitness & Nutrition expert and has been named one of America’s PremierExperts® and one of the World Fitness Elite® Trainers of the Year. Rick is a Sports Nutrition Specialist, Heart Rate Performance Specialist, Master Personal Trainer & Triathlon Coach. He has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox affiliates around the country as well as in the USA Today, Chicago Tribune, National Examiner, Ironman.com, Livestrong.com, Runner’s World, Bicycling Magazine, Men’s Health UK, FIGHT! Magazine, Florida Cycling Magazine and The Independent in the UK. Rick is the CEO/Founder of TeamKattouf® Inc, CEO/Founder of TeamKattouf® Nutrition LLC, CEO/Founder of Virtual Gym LLC, Creator of TeamKattouf® Nutrition Supplements, Host of Rx Nutrition, author of Forever Fit, Creator of 5-Round Fury® Nutrition Supplement, 5-Round Fury Fitness® workout app, Creator of Coach2CEO, Creator of Fuel Keeper®, Entrepreneur and Inspirational Speaker. Dr. Rick has personally coached individuals in 30+ states and 10+ countries.

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