Change the Mindset, Change the Results!

In the world of health & fitness it's common for individuals to say things such as, "I have to run faster." Or, "I have to beat my previous time." And in the world of weight loss, here are some common statements; "I have to lose 20 pounds." Or, I have to lose 100+ pounds." Now, the way we approach our goals, in terms of our mindset, is a very important part of achieving the goals that we desire. And this is why we want to take a successful step forward, and to do so, we want to change the verbiage. When we put the tag, have to, with our statement, this can be very anxiety producing. And with increased anxiety comes increased stress. And this increased stress will result in increased cortisol levels. Cortisol, a hormone, is necessary for many of our body’s functions. But, too much cortisol can lead to increases in body fat; particularly, increases in abdominal fat. As a result, this increased abdominal fat can put us a greater risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.


If our goal is body transformation, how can we reduce the potential stress and anxiety, by simply changing the verbiage? Here's how… We want to change the, have to, to a, choose to. You will be amazed how simply changing this phrase can completely change the game. Anytime the tag, have to, is connected to our goals, again, this becomes stress and anxiety producing. But when it's a, choose to, this completely changes the game. Think of anything in life that is a, choose to. For example, we choose to go on vacation. We choose to purchase a new car. We choose to go out to dinner. We choose to purchase a new house. Wow, look at all these, choose to’s; these have fun and excitement associated with them. These are not, have to's, and therefore, they bring about a completely different mindset and reaction. Anything that is a, choose to, is fun and exhilarating. On the other hand, a have to, well, not so much. Remember, you don't have to lose any weight. Rather, you are choosing to lose weight. You are choosing to take the necessary steps in terms of fitness and nutrition, to help make your goals and dreams become a reality. This is not something you have to do; this is something you are choosing to do. And as a result, this is fun and exciting.


Now, let's take a look at some steps individuals may take in order to achieve their body transformation goals. In this world of diets and food fads, individuals will tend to gravitate towards these sorts of things. It's all too common for individuals to have the belief and mindset that carbohydrates will make them fat. And as a result, what type of foods do these individuals gravitate towards since they are trying to reduce, if not eliminate, carbohydrates? If you guessed fat, you are right on the money. Let's just look at this on the surface and see if it makes any sense whatsoever. We are going to reduce/eliminate carbohydrates, so that we can lose body fat. And in turn, we are going to increase our fat intake. Does anything there jump right out to you? Carbohydrates are the main source of fuel for our body. Carbohydrates are the main source of fuel for our brain. Carbohydrates must be present in order to utilize and burn fat. So, we are going to willingly reduce, if not completely eliminate, the main source of fuel for our body; and at the same time, increase the amount of fat that we consume? This makes no sense, c’mon now!


Let's just look at some concrete examples. 1 cup of cooked, whole-wheat pasta, contains great, high-octane fuel at 283 cal and 80% carbohydrate. This would make a great complex carbohydrate as part of a meal and we would balance it out well with a small amount of protein and fat. Next, let's take a look at a very popular snack that individuals gravitate towards when they are on a low carbohydrate food fad/diet. A handful of almonds has become of the go-to snack for many individuals. Let's break this snack down. A handful of almonds is going to contain 510 cal and a whopping, 71% fat! When individuals hear this, often times, the knee-jerk reaction is, "but Rick, it’s healthy fat" And yes, they are right. This is a healthy fat. But, fat is fat. It does not take very much fat for the calories to go through the roof. There are 9 cal per 1 g of fat. There are only 4 cal per 1 g of carbohydrate. Remember, we just said that one cup of cooked pasta contains 283 cal. If we compare that to only 1/2 cup almonds (half the volume of the pasta), this totals close to 700 cal! Point being is this; we really need to take a step back, when it comes to these food fads and diets, and ask ourselves, "does this really makes sense?" And if we are honest with ourselves, the answer, every single time, will be an emphatic… No way!


Let's look at another popular example. For breakfast, two slices of a nice, dense, high-octane whole-grain bread makes a great carbohydrate source. This will provide the body with 220 usable calories and 69% carbohydrate. Now, when individuals have the mindset that carbohydrates are going to make them fat, here is a very popular breakfast of choice for those that adopt a low carbohydrate diet, caveman diet, etc.; 2 eggs and three strips of bacon. Let's break this bad boy down. This breakfast of eggs and bacon has 381 cal and a sky high, 71% fat! So once again, we are going to willingly deprive the body and deprive the brain of the fuel it needs, carbohydrates. And at the same time, we are going to overload the body with 71% fat… When the goal of these individuals is to lose body fat. Once again, c’mon now, this makes no sense!


At TeamKattouf®, we help assist you in creating a true lifestyle for a lifetime. This is no diet, no food fad, not even close. At TeamKattouf® we understand what a diet is. A DIET is a, Disaster Imminent Every Time®! We are going to help you get your body fueled for success, no matter what your goals. Whether your goals revolve around body transformation, improved overall health & fitness and/or improved athletic performance, fueling the body is the key to success. When we fuel the body, at every meal and snack, with 50-65% Carbohydrate, 15-25% Protein, 15-25% Fat, watch out! Now we have the body set up for the best success possible.


If you currently have the, have to, mindset, no worries; now is the time to start making some adjustments. It's all about creating a new mindset and new habits. Let's take a look at our nutrition, fitness and body transformation goals. Do we have the, have to tag, associated with it? If so, let's make that change right now. Remember, you are choosing to transform your body, improve your health & fitness and/or improve your athletic performance; this is not something you have to do. This is fun, this is exciting and this is an amazing journey and you are making the choice to go all in on this journey. If you are of the diet/food fad mindset and you think that carbohydrates are going to make you fat, let’s start to change the beliefs. We have to change the beliefs in order to change the results. There is no truth, whatsoever, the carbohydrates make us fat. Remember, carbohydrates are the key energy source for the body and brain. Are you ready to change your mindset and beliefs in order to change the results? It’s Go-Time, let’s make it happen!


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